Recording Sound Effects

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I'm developing an iOS app, and a sound effect that I purchased is not able to used in the app.  Since I can't find a similar sound effect that can be used, can I record the sound effect on GarageBand and use it in the app?  It will be a paid app, not a free one.
Thank you in advance.
Your question is more related to app development, plus the GarageBand for the iPad (This is a GarageBand. for OSX forum).
If I understand you right, then I would look at the IAA (Inter-App Audio) feature. This is the new standard that lets you route audio (and other data) between audio apps on iOS devices. The standard was developed by Apple and is supported by a growing nuymbers of audio apps, including GarageBand for iPad.
Another similar format is Audiobus, that is also supported by many audio apps.
Hope that helps
Edgar Rothermich
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