Report select options similar to Query output options : Urgent !!!!!

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Hi All,
I have developed a custom report . The output options of this report needs to be included in Selection screen like in SQ01 queries, there should be option to output the report results in different formats like List Viewer, ABAP List, Spread Sheet etc.,. 
If some variant is selected then user will select whatever the format he want .
the output should display in that format .
How I can acomodate all these options to output a report .
How can I do this ..Pls help me its Urgent !!!!
Points for Sure !!!
   Try this code,
   at user-command.
   case sy-ucomm.
   when 'disp'.
   write:.......   "abap list
   when 'buton1'
    call function 'reuse_alv_list_display'.
i hope it gives ur answer
Reward if it helps.
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