Require help in understanding exporting and importing statistics.

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Hi all,
I am bit new to this statistics.
Can anyone please explain me in detail about these commands.
1) exec DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS (ownname => 'MRP' , tabname => 'MRP_ATP_DETAILS_TEMP', estimate_percent => 100 ,cascade => TRUE);
2) exec DBMS_STATS.CREATE_STAT_TABLE ( ownname => 'MRP', stattab => 'MRP_ATP_3');
3) exec DBMS_STATS.EXPORT_TABLE_STATS ( ownname => 'MRP', stattab => 'MRP_ATP_3', tabname => 'MRP_ATP_DETAILS_TEMP',statid => 'MRP27jan14');
4) exec DBMS_STATS.IMPORT_TABLE_STATS ( ownname => 'MRP', stattab => 'MRP_ATP_3', tabname => 'MRP_ATP_DETAILS_TEMP');
I understand that these commands are used to export and import table statistics.
But please anyone help me in understanding this indetail.
Thanks in advance.
Please post the details of the application release, database version and OS.
Please see (FAQ: Statistics Gathering Frequently Asked Questions (Doc ID 1501712.1) -- What is the difference between DBMS_STATS and FND_STATS).
For exporting/importing statistics summary of FND_STATS Subprograms can be found in (Doc ID 122371.1)
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