Same report, 2 identical servers, 2 different outputs???

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We have a report that is produced correctly on our Staging server, but when we promote the same report to our Production server (which is a mirror of our Staging server), we get different output. The machines are identical in every respect except for the name. The same queues, fonts, and version of Crystal Report (10.2.3600.0) is installed on both. I wish I could upload the 2 versions of the pdfs that are outputted for you to see the differences, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that here. Any ideas of what could be causing the discrepancies?
Hi Amanda,
Can I back track a bit here?  I would like a bit more clarification on how this is being tested.  From what I understand:
1)  You have the same application running on 2 different servers which are mirrors of each other. 
2)  The report is exported to PDF directly, not previewed or printed first. 
3)  The PDF is opened locally on the client machine. 
A couple of questions I have: 
1)  Is the client machine viewing the PDFs from both servers or are these 2 different clients as well?  If the clients are different, then can you try opening the PDF from the second server onto your original client and see if they formatting is the same?  I say this because I want to make sure the Acrobat reader is the same version on both machines and to eliminate the possibility that the PDF is fine but the reader may be the culprit. 
2)  You've removed the printer in the report I see.  On the client machine, is there default printer installed and is it something other than the Generic Text Driver? 
3)  Same question as above but on the second server?  A printer is important to Crystal even if you are not printing.  Many years ago if a printer was not installed, the print engine would crash the report when you tried to run it.  That's when the No Printer option was added but that's a different story.  I just needed to stress the importance of having a printer installed. 
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