Security Certificate for BizTalk server

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We need to have a party certificate for EDI communication for ourselves, as required by some of our trading partners. Currently we have EDI implemented but moving to BizTalk platform. So we do have a certificate for our party in our current AS2 software.
My question is, can we use the same certificate for our party once moved to BizTalk (different computer, different environment). And if not, where would you go to obtain one?
Thanks a lot!
Hi Galina,
You can use the same certificate which you used in non-BizTalk to BizTalk EDI integration. Security by using certificate is not specific to BizTalk; it’s all related to cryptography and digital signature.
BizTalk just provides a way to support those security implementations. So you can very well use the same certificates used in non BizTalk to BizTalk environment as part of your migration.
For party resolution, you have to use the public certificate of your trading partner. So this certificate must have been shared to you by your trading partner. In your non-BizTalk EDI communication for party
resolution you would have used this public key/certificate. This certificate (public key) is not related to BizTalk or non-BizTalk EDI products. This is used to implement public-private key pair of digital signature. For BizTalk you have to install this public
certificate in “Other People store”
Just and additional info, if you don’t have this (or misses this in future) you have to get this public key from your trading partner to whom you exchange EDI messages.
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