Setting up a new phone with ipod restore????

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So just got my new phone. And during the set-up it says "An iPhone has previously been synced with this computer" I never had an iPhone before but I DO have a ipod.
So it's asking me to set-up as a new iPhone OR restore from the ipod back-up...
My question is which to choose? If I choose NEW will it forget, erase all the ipod data OR if I restore will it place everything from my ipod onto the iphone. Just not sure which to choose. I want to be able to sync both of course but I don't want the "NEW iPhone" set-up option to mess up the ipod in anyway.
Any help for one who is a bit confused...thanks in advance.
I have a family plan with wife's 2G iPhone and my 3G iPhone.
At ATT I upgraded my iPhone to a new 3Gs and moved my wife's phone number to my 3G. That part works fine, but the difficulty is in restoring the Backup from the older 2G phone into the 3G.
I know the backup is there, because it loads okay into the old 2G iPhone right away.
How do I get iTunes to load the 2G Backup into the 3G iPhone so my wife's stuff stays with her newer iPhone?
When I plug the 3G in, it doesn't offer the restore from backup, or a list of other phones synched with that computer.
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