Slow wifi connection - going crazy trying to figure it out. Sadface.

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I read through the forum and tried to find a solution to this problem but everyone seems to be experiencing differences in what is wrong with their problem and I have yet to find a solution to mind.
Recently I've noticed my wifi connection has been slow. Slow as in Firefox will sit at "Looking up..." or "Transferring data from..." and just sit there for a few minutes then idle out, stop loading the page or give me an error stating that the server is too busy, or cannot be found. A manual refresh will either restart the process or go immediately to the site. To describe the slowness in another way as if someone is downloading something on the network that causes it to lag. I verified that my computer is not the problem (all downloads offline).
I've made no changes (except for one, stated below) to my network preferences, my router or anything. I haven't recently installed anything on here that would interfere with my network settings either.
Failed solutions:
- Resetting/Restarting my computer, the router and the cable modem.
- Turning Airport on and off, even switching to a different wireless signal in the house (We have DSL and Cable, don't ask) and I get the same results from both connections.
- OpenDNS. It solved one problem temporarily (one server seemed to be offline when in reality it was not, OpenDNS let me go there again but the speed issue remains.)
- Software Update -- Everything is updated.
Also note that my signal strength is full all the time. It will occasionally dip down but that's nothing as the router is in a room beside mine.
My Linksys Wireless G with Speedboost router is secured with WPA and the Mac filtering enabled to only allow this laptop, my iPod Touch and my Nintendo DS access. Could this security be compromised and someone jacking my signal?
I'm at wit's end here. I've usually been able to find my solutions for these problems on a wired Windows computer but this Wifi stuff on my Mac is driving me bonkers. To me everything seems to be green but I know somewhere there is a problem.
If I did miss an important thread, please point me in the direction of it and I'll remove this topic.
Here's hoping this thing will post without timing out.
EDIT Further searching shows me this is a common problem. I guess that's a good thing.
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Your Mac stores previous DNS Lookups, Ned's suggestion just empties that cache.
I'm wondering if this could be MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) related (i.e. packet size) some ISP's can be quite picky about this ...
Apple have an article on setting it for 10.2 (but not for 10.4) here:
CockTail also allows you to set this.
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