SSAS data source calculating from two data source

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Hi There,
I have SSAS cube and use SSRS 2008R2. Basically I have cube A for current month income statement, cube B from previous month, they have shared the same dimensions. I want to create  report to show
                  current month  previous Month            Calculation
   Account               Amount A         Amount B            Amount A - Amount
Revenue                 Amount A         Amount B            Amount B
   Expense              ,,,,,,
Net Income
Any advice?
Hi Dz0001,
According to your description, you want to combine the data from two cube into one tablix. Right?
In this scenario, since your two cube share same dimensions, we can use lookup() function to retrieve the income from another dataset based on the data field for dimension rows.
For example, let's say you have DataSet1 retrieves data from cube A with data fields
Account and Income, DataSet2 retrieves data from cube B with data fields
Account and PreIncome. When rendering the data field from DataSet1 in a table, you can use the expression below in detail row.
Lookup Function (Report Builder and SSRS)
If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
Best Regards,
Simon Hou
TechNet Community Support
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