Starting and Stopping SAP Systems and Instances on Windows

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Is there a way to automatically stop/start instances on windows at boot time?
I don't want to have to logon after a reboot and go into the mmc and start the app manually.
Dan ,
As Juan said it could cause problems while starting SAP at startup.
Still if you really want to implement this...
This is what I have found ... I never tried this but hope this should work.
1. you must make sure that SAP[SID]_00 service is set to start automatically.
2. you must edit your SAP START profile and add this line:
3. make sure that the line you added IS NOT the last one in your file. if it is, your added parameter could be ignored.
to test this out, shutdown SAP and your database, then shutdown the SAP[SID]_00 service. now start it. open SAPMMC to see if you see any starting activity. it should work fine.
Let us know if it works.
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