Super fast wifi at times on original iPad

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Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this on their original iPad.
So I own a 3G / wifi 32 original iPad ... Bought in 2010.    It works great, iOS 5.1.1
I've noticed that at certain times, especially at night, between 6-midnight and slightly past , that my iPad not only gets really fast wifi speed, but also the screens resolution is slightly "crisper" than usual..... More "hd" if there is such a term .... Icons look sharper, Colors are sharper, even letter, text, etc... Appear to be really crisp, sharp.... Even home page icons seem slightly tighter, smaller, very clean and crisp and clear, extremely sharp.  Even the screen keyboard type action is tighter and "less sluggish".
I know it sounds crazy, but I assure you, this occurs.  Then, in the morning, it's back to normal,,then repeats at night.   Wt.... Is going on?
Thx James for your response.
I understand network may be less cluttered , which would explain the faster speeds, but,  my main question is why and how a stronger wifi speed, connection, etc.... makes my screen "crisper" and super clean, tight.  I love it, and I wish it was like that all the time, but like I said , usually in the morning, it's back to "normal" which is still pretty crisp and clean, but not as ... As at night.     Again, question is screen res. is affected by wifi network speed, strength?
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