Supplier Created via Workflow Approved By Default

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Hi Experts,
I have a requirement in Create supplier via workflow where I have to make
Purchsing hold check box unchecked and Approved Supplier check box
checked by default ,I have customized the vendor registration via
workflow process wherein I have written a script to make Approved
supplier checkbox under header checked by default,in supplier creation
via workflow page but When the workflow ends and the supplier is
approved and I click on Done and come out of document,the Approved
supplier checkbox is unchecked though the supplier is created and we
are getting a background error as well saying that the approver does
not have enough permission to view the document though we have provided
all the necessary rights to the Approver, please suggest as what could
be the rerason for Approved supplier to be unchecked though the script
is running fine and what could be the reason for background error as
this is not the expected behavior.
Hi Dhiraj,
Thanks for yor reply , I have written the code in script.and the issue is resolved by writing two scripts .
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