Syncing PDF documents, created from Forms

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I've created a number of forms, filled them in, and need to sync them from my MacBook Pro to my iPad. I have tried this, using iTunes. I have also tried uploading the documents to Dropbox and retrieving them with the iPad. In both cases, when I open the documents on the iPad, the form field labels are there but none of the filled-in data is. I expect I'm doing something incredibly dumb but I can't see what it is. Could anyone please help with this? I need the data to be available on the iPad for tomorrow morning.
MacBook Pro
OS X  10.9.2
Acrobat Pro 10.0.07
You probably need to use of the the free/cheap PDF apps. I like GoodReader, but there are many others mentioned in other posts in Apple Discussions. Once you install one, you can use "File Sharing" - scroll down on the Apps tab during a sync. Or, email yourself a PDF file and view it in Mail.
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