• SAP R/3 : System Functions

    Hi , I was just curios to know abt the Systems C functions available in SAP R/3. DO any one of you have any idea , plz share that in the forum. I did heard from some one that filename is sapactab.h , but could not trace it .... Thanks RajivThese are

    October 11

  • Info regarding a system function

    Hi all, Can any one explain me what the system function 'C_RSTS_WRITE' does if it is called like this in the program  call 'C_RSTS_WRITE'      ID 'HANDLE' field field1      ID 'BUFF' field field2      ID 'RC' field field3      ID 'ERRMSG' field field

    November 30

  • Call a System Function: CALL 'XXPASS'

    Hi All, I would like to know more about the System Function CALL 'XXPASS' and where does it resides in ABAP any transaction we can have a look into and understand the system functions. Please do suggest me ASAP. Thank you. Best Regards, SatyaHi, you

    November 30

  • Debugging Call 'ThNoGet' statement

    Hi All, Can any please explain me the following command?    Nummernvergabe aus Puffer aufrufen   CALL 'ThNoGet' ID 'BNRIV'    FIELD BNRIV                  ID 'NO'       FIELD G_NOIVBUFFER                  ID 'QUAN'     FIELD P_QUANTITY               

    November 30