Temp Folder Bulging

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The "temp" folder is the 800 pound gorilla of Captivate that
keeps growing every time I create a new project. I've used
Captivate extensively since I had it installed last spring, and the
temp folder, located within "Local Settings" within the "Documents
and Settings" heirarchy of my Windows 2000 computer, now totals 8
gigabytes in size!
I take care to store my Captivate projects in project folders
and keep all my resources pertinent to the project within each
folder, and this "temp" folder thing is vexing as it is consuming
more and more hard drive space.
But I'm afraid to dump all this temp stuff because I'm unsure
of the consequences if I do.
Can anyone give me some sound advice?
Glen Gummess
Instructional Designer
University of St. Francis
Joliet, IL
Hi Glen
I've always considered the Temp folder to be just that. As a
result, I've regularly scrubbed it squeaky clean and haven't
noticed any ill consequences as a result.
Cheers... Rick
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