Test_fwktutorial error. Application not found

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I have been worked on this for a whole day.
I installed Jdeveloper for RUP6 and went through all the set up ( Task 1-6 ). However, I got pop up error -- Application not found when I tried test_fwktutorial.jsp.
I have verified the database connection is valid. The user name and password id valid.
Application -> AK
Responsibility -> FWK_TBX_TUTORIAL
Embedded OC4J -> Host Name -> Default Local IP Address.
What elso Do I need to check for this error?
[Starting OC4J using the following ports: HTTP=8989, RMI=23892, JMS=9228.]
C:\JDEV\jdevbin\jdk\bin\javaw.exe -client -classpath C:\JDEV\jdevbin\j2ee\home\oc4j.jar;C:\JDEV\jdevbin\jdev\lib\jdev-oc4j.jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\JDEV\jdevbin\jdev\appslibrt\ojdbc14.jar;C:\JDEV\jdevbin\jdev\appslibrt\nls_charset12.zip -DFND_JDBC_STMT_CACHE_SIZE=200 -DCACHENODBINIT=true -DRUN_FROM_JDEV=true -mx256m -Doracle.j2ee.dont.use.memory.archive=false; -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=US -Duser.country=US -Xverify:none -Doracle.j2ee.dont.use.memory.archive=true -Doracle.j2ee.http.socket.timeout=5000 com.evermind.server.OC4JServer -config C:\JDEV\jdevhome\jdev\system9.\oc4j-config\server.xml
[waiting for the server to complete its initialization...]
Ready message received from Oc4jNotifier.
Embedded OC4J startup time: 1594 ms.
Auto-deploying OA Framework web application deployment descriptor (New server version detected)...
Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE initialized
Access is denied.
The problem is due to the default web browser not set. I found out the solution on the web. After reset the default web browser, I was able to run the 'Hello World' Page.
Thank you for the response.
To resolve the problem, use the Default Programs feature in Windows Vista to reset the default Web browser preference.
Reset the default web browser
Step 1
1. Click Start, Default Programs
2. Click Set your default programs
3. Select your web browser from the list
4. Click Set this program as default
5. Click OK.
Then follow these steps:
Step 2
1. Click Set program access and computer defaults
2. Click Continue if you see the User Account Control prompt.
3. Click Custom
4. Select your web browser from the list
5. Click OK.
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