The wrong apple ID pops up on my new iPod touch 5th gen. It is asking me to sign into an account that has my friend's email address. She has never even touched this iPod. Why is this happening?

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My son got a 5th gen iPod touch today. We have an established Apple ID from my iPhone and we are able to log into it just fine on the new iPod. After a few hours of use, the iPod started asking him to log into an Apple ID account that he doesn't recognize. It appears to be a gmail address of a friend of mine who has never used any of my Apple products. What is going on and how do I stop it? We have to keep hitting 'cancel' every time it comes up. Thanks!
Sounds like apps purchased from those accounts got synced to the iPod and it is asking to log into that account to update them.
- Apps are locked to the account that purchased them.
- To update apps you have to sign into the account that purchased the apps. If you have apps that need updating purchased from more than one account you have to update them one at a time until the remaining apps were purchased from one account.
What do yo see if yo go to the Updates Section of the App Store app?
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