Trackpad left click not working

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The left click on my trackpad, bluetooth or usb mouse is not working anymore.
Macbook 2006 core2duo
OSX 10.6.8 (snow leopard)
I tried:
- reset PRAM(apple+option+p+r)
- without battery
- boot in safe mode (shift)
Without succes.
Also tried to disable The trackpad with:
- defaults write USBMouseStopsTrackpad 1
But the trackpad is still enabled also after log out an in again.
The option in the "Universal Access" settings is not enabled as well.
How can I enable this option "ignore trackpad when mouse" without a mouse?
Tab does not work.
Any other suggestions what I can try to fix?
ps. I was in the apple store and they want 100euros for sending it to the service center)
also tried:
- repair disk (diskutil repairPermissions disk0s2)
wiyhout success
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