Transfer State from one WAD to another

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Hello friends.
I have a trouble using the command TRANSFER STATE in BW 7.0
I need to trasfer the navigation state of one dropdown box from wad 1 to wad 2.  I already do that, but the problem is that when the second wad is open, the dataproviders that exists in wad are not being filtered by the characteristic of the dropdown box.
I'm using a variable in the dropdown box. I'm using the same variable in both wads (and in both dropdown boxes) but the dataproviders of wad 2 ar not being filtered when I trasnfer the status.
How can I get the dataproviders filtered with the value of the dropdown box when transfer state ????
Thanks in advance.
the command TRANSFER_STATE will copy the items / data providers  with the same logical to the target web template (if you have choosen to transfer them in the command settings). Meaning, that if you have a data Provider DP_1 in both Web Templates, DP_1 in the target Web Template will have exactly the same state (and therfore also the filter values, as well as the drill down, ... are the same)
So in fact in your case TRANSFER_STATE should be done (if this is really the correct scenario) for the Data Provider and not for the item, as the Dropdown will always reflect the state of the underlying data provider.
What you want to achieve sounds more like a RRI (jump to another Web Template while transfering all the filter values, variables, ...)
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