Uploading photo's from my iPhone 4 to my Mac Mini?

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have a Mac Mini & an iPhone 4. Before the recent software updates, I used to plug the phone into the mac & iPhoto would open & ask me if I wanted to upload my photos, before it went to iTunes.
Since the software updates, for the Mac & iOS5 on the phone I don't have this option anymore. iPhoto opens but it opens to the places map, not teh recent photos on my phone.  iPhoto doesn't even have the phone as an option to choose on the left hand side now
I haven't got iCloud to work on the mac yet, which is a seperate issue. I took a lot of photos at a special festival recently & the photo streaming was switched off.
How do I get the photo's off my phone & onto the mac please?
(I have recently converted from a PC user to the mac, so am completely useless with the mac still
Photos in PhotoStream can be imported from the cloud, however, the iCloud control panel for Windows requires Windows 7. You will either have to do as Ralph suggests, then import them using the USB cable as you would with any other camera, or upgrade the version of Windows you're running.
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