Using a Select list with Submit

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I am trying to use the select list with Submit on my page.
I have 3 select lists.
On the first one,I am showing the list of all jacks.
When the user selects a jack from the first list, I want to show all the jacks except the one which was selected.
When the user selects a jack from the second list, I want to show all the jacks except the ones selected in the first list and the second list.
I have created the select lists with submit and then I have put the query for getting the jacks. I created an unconditional branch. I am also passing the variables so that I can set the values of the items on submit.
I also created a computation as mentioned in one of the OTN discussions, and have mentioned the value of second list to be calculated from the first and 3rd from first and second.
But after clicking the first select list, I am losing all the existing values on the first page. I wonder what I am missing here. Can anyone hellp?
In this case using 'select list with redirect' makes more sense rather than with SUBMIT. So change all the select lists to 'select list with redirect' (it redirects to same page inserting 'select list' value session state).
Now for the 2nd select list query add a condition in where clause like
WHERE sl_col != :P1_SL1And for the 3rd select list query add a condition in where clause like
WHERE sl_col NOT IN (:P1_SL1, :P1_SL2)Hope it helps :-)
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