Vista crcdisk.sys error on Tecra A4

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When the beta version of Vista came out several people were having installation problems where start-up would stop on first reboot at 'crcdisk'sys'
I've been following the MS forums as well as here but never found a solution.
Has anyone successfully installed Vista Beta on a Tecra A4 yet? If so, what's the secret?
Any help appreciated
Thanks for replying and suggesting the link. I have been keeping my eyes on the MS forums since first installing
Beta2 but not yet found the cause or solution in there. Most of the posts go back to June and July shortly after Beta 2 came out and since it went all quiet I assume people resigned themselves to not solving the problem. With the release of 5536 maybe the issue will raise itself there again.
> Hi,
> Maybe found you a answer for your Question with Vista
> in the Vista Forum.
> Please check this.
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