Vista + TV Shows = No on my PC

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YUCK! I have just been through a pretty horrendous evening.
Everytime I try to get iTunes 7.1.1 to playback a TV show from the store it manages to freeze Windows Vista. My PC locks up for about 15 minutes and then blue screens.
I haven't tried XP yet but it will cost me one of my machine activations. I'd rather not have to reboot to my XP partition everytime I want to watch a TV show.
Come on Apple! Hurry up with that Vista-compatible iTunes/QuickTime. Vista's been out since mid-November 2006. This is a shocking amount of time to take to fix these issues. Here's hoping the version of iTunes, released to support the new DRM-free music files, will also be Vista-happy.
My current workaround is to copy the TV Shows over to my MacBook Pro. Works on problem. But I'd rather watch on actual TV. Maybe this is all a ploy to get us to buy an Apple TV??? ;-P
Can anyone else tell me if they can playback TV episodes on Vista?
It was the SATA drivers!
Intel released a new version of their Matrix storage software (v7.5) which specifically mentioned fixes for Apple applications... which we know means iTunes. They worked! I'm so happy. Video now plays back on my Vista. Yeh!
I did not have this issue in XP with older Intel Matrix drivers.
Apologies to Apple for expecting them to correct this.
tsam - which MoBo do you have? If it's Intel or Nvidia based then you need to go to their sites to obtain the latest version of their software. I have an ASUS P5B Deluxe and I needed both the new Intel Matrix v7.5 and new Intel Chipset drivers both available from Don't wait on your MoBo manufacturer to re-issue the same updates. Generally go straight to the actual maker of the chipsets you have.
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