WAS640 ABAP+Java Kernel Upgrade

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Hi all,
i have an installation of was640 abap+java on Winnt and MSSQL.
Trying to upgrade abap kernel with SAPEXE40. As usual kernel setted under SYS/EXE/RUN but i found two more directories with same contents:
sys/exe/uc/nti386 and SCS01/exe
Should i have to upgrade all these contents? when i will upgrade the java part some of those contents will be overwritten?
thanks a lot.
Hello Srinivas,
As of now, the JSPM cannot be used to apply the ABAP Support packages and it has to be applied separately using the SPAM/SINT. So, I believe the first option mentioned by you is the right way to go ahead.
Anil K Kunapareddy
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