Webauth asking again for credntials

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Hello Experts,
I am having an issue with webauth page.
I am using ISE as radius server and using sponsor account for guest account creation.
My Issue is: once I login with webauth i got internet connection but after few idle time (5-10min), I need to enter username and password again.
Can this problem can be solved??? I have guest acount for 1 year timepeariod and I dont want to enter crenditals again and again.
Is there any solution?
wlc- 2504, AP- 2602, ISE 1.1 version
As long as a client entry is not removed from the WLC, it should not have to re web-auth.
Session timeout is a hard stop, so yes you could limit the session timeout to 12 hours. The other problem is that the WLC will "remove" a client by default after 5 minutes of an AP not hearing from the client. So a client who is shut down, or in power-save (no wireless packets), will be deauthenticated after the idle timeout period.
The user idle timeout is when you shut down laptop, or move away, so no deauthenticate frame was sent the client just goes silent. The idle timeout defines how long the WLC waits before deleting the client entry when it's not hearing AT ALL a single frame from the client.
But still I feel this is not you want, you want permanent connection to guest users but I think it is not possible now.
Hope it helps.
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