What is Finder looking for? How can I make it stop?

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I've just repaired permissions w/ Disk Utility and run MacJanitor (three times) and restarted. Finder cannot open any files, including my two mounted drives. Although I'm often connected to my antique OS9 PB3400, it was off at the time.
Now when I attempt to open anything Finder tries (sometimes it's a completely blank window) to give me a server login with the admin user's name filed in, asking for the password to connect as a Registered User to server 'KT iMac' (never heard of it).
Canceling, trying to connect as Guest or using one of my three passwords—I'm one of those securityphobes—produces the same result. Beachball of Death. Repeated Finder relaunches/Force quits w/ ActivityMonitor are fruitless, unless the occasional "Finder hung, application not responding" message is progress. Still can't open.
Applications appear unaffected, except when they expect Finder to do something for them. Ironically, the Find function works OK, but trying to use it as a backdoor to open a folder further up the hierarchy just gets the login futility going.
Seems to me that somewhere Finder's getting info from some file or cache that tells it a connection to this mythical server's required for proper functioning. I've nothing showing in Recent Servers—cleared that list—where else might I look? Or am I out-to-lunch on this?
If it's relevant, MacJanitor finishes its All Tasks run w/ a report that begins:
Rebuilding whatis database:
find: /usr/local/man: No such file or directory
makewhatis: /usr/share/man/man3/DHparams_print.3ssl: No such file or directory
makewhatis: /usr/share/man/man3/DHparamsprintfp.3ssl: No such file or directory
makewhatis: /usr/share/man/man3/DSAparams_print.3ssl: No such file or directory
makewhatis: /usr/share/man/man3/DSAparamsprintfp.3ssl: No such file or directory
… and runs in similar fashion for a dozen or so more lines.
Any help or insight of any sort would be much appreciated. I'm even willing to brave Terminal.
Thanks for the reply Fifth. Console's all new to me, and the list of logs in the Sidebar seems impenetrable computerese, but if I click on Console log, I get:
Mac OS X Version 10.3.9 (Build 7W98)
2007-06-01 09:41:17 -0400
09:41:18: INIT FinderPop-20006 (built Jan 21 2007 10:49:46)
FinderPop-20006: Patching 'Finder' 0:a0001 (CF)
DOCK: CFMessagePortSendRequest returned -2
FinderPop-20006: Patching 'Finder' 0:2a0001 (CF)
FinderPop-20006: Patching 'Finder' 0:2c0001 (CF)
FinderPop-20006: Patching 'Finder' 0:2e0001 (CF)
… after a restart and a couple of attempted file opening/Finder relaunches. Am I looking in the right log?
FinderPop is working perfectly, BTW, right up to the handoff when it wants Finder to actually open the file I've navigated to. At that point the 'ghost server's' login window or the blank therof appears along with the BoD.
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