What the heck is this computer's problem?

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OK, I am about drop kick this stupid computer off the side of an over pass. Well I'm not there yet. But soooooon Muahhhhhhh.
Originally I blamed all of my suffering on Aperture. All the crashes and lack of speed. Since I had just recently installed the program I that that was the problem. I'm pretty sure it wasn't now. Most of you guys were right. Sorry about that.
I thought I solved the problems I was having with a clean install of the OS. The computer hasn't crashed on me again....... yet. I am still getting scrambled images sometimes. It's not just in aperture. Look at this and see what you think
I opened up file maker pro for the first time and my screen went to this. After getting a screen shot of it I clicked on the window and things went back to normal. When this happens in Apeture it's quick. I click on an image from my library and before it comes up it gets a scrambled like this. Just for about a half of a second and then the picture comes up normal. This doen't happen all the time. But at least 3 -5 times a day.
Any ideas on what to do? My computer is my business.
Mac Book Pro 15 inch 1gig of ram   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
Mac Book Pro 15 inch 1gig of ram   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
My frustration has been ended friends. A happy ending that is. I took my MacBook to the Apple Store and they determined right away that it was the video card. They started to tell me they would have to ship it out to get it fixed and I wanted to cry. I explained to them that I bought it three weeks ago and that I run my life by this computer. The nice people at the apple store let me exchange it for a new one. However... They no longer had the MacBook 15" 2.16 GHz with the 7200 rpm hard drive. That would have to be special ordered and leave me with out a computer. They would allow me to upgrade to a 17 inch MacBook if I paid the difference. It only has the 5200 rpm HD so I hope I lose a lot of performance. Not that I was getting any from my messed up 15". I paid for the upgrade and went home with the 17". I have to say that I am very satisfied.
Oh yeah, Aperture rocks! Wow, a few days ago I was ready to demand my money back for this program. Now I am in love.
Thanks for the help everyone.
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