Where did my volume go?

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I use an Emac which is barely 2 years old. Suddenly I can only get a very faint volume playing cds or using itunes. It was fine before and I haven't changed any settings. I listen to sounds either through the built in speakers or use a T-amp (great product by the way) plugged into the headphone socket. Either way the volume has suddenly gone way down. Very disappointing.
I would appreciate any help.
...had no idea what to do and decided not to risk making things worse by messing aroundAs long as you give the color profile you create a distinctive different name from the ones built-in, you can always undo your changes by re-selecting the eMac profile used earlier. You can't actually blow up the display playing with the settings! (Don't laugh too hard; WayBackWhen, when the HP9836 was thehot desktop controller, user newsletters brightly pointed out undocumented "writeio" commands that allowed users to adjust the built-in display. Very cool, except if you wrote the wrong value, you could blow out the display of what at the time was a US$12,000 computer.)
By all means, play around with the advanced settings in System Preferences> Display> color profile and see if you can get the display closer to your liking. Dropping the Gamma value and the temperturre value, either by themselves or in combination, should help with the washed-out appearance.
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