White line at letterbox bottom

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I am having a problem when authoring with Encore CS3 on an Intel Mac.
I have compressed a 16x9 SD movie in Sorenson Squeeze.  I bring it into Encore for authoring.
When I preveiw the disc before building, with the preview set to show 16x9 letterbox in a 4x3 frame, I see a thin white line at the bottom of the letterboxed image.  If I burn the disc, the white line is also there.  See attached jpg (levels adjusted for clarity
When looking at the asset in menus where the images is not letterboxed, there is no white line at the bottom of the image.
If I author the same material in DVD Studio Pro, I do not get this artifact.
Any ideas?
Source was DV, edited in Avid MC, QT ref file to Sorenson Squeeze 4.5.7.
Settings in Sorenson were MPEG 2 Video, 2 Pass VBR, Max 7500 Avg 5800 Min 3700 kbps, NTSC 720 x 480,
Frame Rate 29.97 Pixel Aspect Ratio 16:9, Field Encolding Bottom Field First, I Frames 15 P Frames 3, Auto GOP off.
This is a slightly modified (aspect ratio) Squeeze preset setup which has worked with no issues in 2 other authoring programs.  I doubt it is the issue
but could be wrong.
If it were and Encore is re-encoding, would it not say so in the Assets menu?  It does that when I do a Dolby AC3 encode
of a PCM track.  Encore shows no issues with the video asset.
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