Why can't Illustrator CS6/CC place PSD files properly?

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I have been using Adobe products for over 15 years and one of the main features I use is placing PSD files within Illustrator and then creating my text so that is remains vector. Being a recent Creative Cloud Team member and seeing that both CS6 and CC do not allow a user to place a PSD inside of Illustrator without drastically reducing the image baffles me!!!
For example create a 500x500 pixel 300dpi document in Photoshop and save as PSD. Then open Illustrator and create a document the EXACT SAME SIZE. Go to file place and try to place the PSD you just created. Notice that it will not place at the correct size???
I don't see how this big of an oversight can be overlooked. I have also noticed that when using the PANTONE Solid Color palette within Illustrators Color Books, with persistence turned on also still does not work. This has been a problem I have noticed for over 5 years!!! Even with workspaces saved this problem persist to this day.
I am on a BRAND NEW iMac out of the box so it is not a computer or user issue.
Can someone please help me with a solution to the above issues. As a Creative Director for a marketing and advertising agency I don't see how these two issues have not perplexed others as they both are part of my day to day work flow and are now hendering how I perform my daily job as a designer.
Any solutions or tips or tricks to eliminate the above mentioned issues are greatly appreciated.
you are correct by stating that the file will open, but if you go to document setup and then go to edit art boards you can see that the image size is actually much smaller than the original that you created. this is a major bug as i create a lot of my dynamic backgrounds in photoshop and then place them in illustrator to do my typography. i have been using photoshop and illustrator for over 15 years so i can not see them deleting this feature or overlooking the fact that it does not work, but then again who knows!!! they did in fact delete the AOM from Bridge which was the one main feature that i used and loved about the program. for products with this price range i can not see why they would delete such a vital feature to the program.
again just looking for a solution and i appreciate your quick response to this. hopefully we will start something that adobe will actually see and help us out with. it has slowed my production within the programs down to a sluggish crawl
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