Why does my mac pro show 182GB of APPS on a 250GB hard drive with 190GB of space available   6.5 GB of photos when I don't have any photos on my laptop (all stored on a separate HD)

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When I go into MY MAC and bring up the storage bar chart it is showing 250GB hard drive 190GB of space 6.5GB of photos (i do not have any photos stored) 182GB of APPS (i only have what came with the laptop + I have only downloaded no more then 5GB of other APPS) the APPS green bar has grown by 10GB today even when the laptop was turned off????? any help??
many thanks
Normally in most cases such as yours, reindexing Spotlight will correct the problem.  Try it again.
This seems to be a common problem with Yosemite.
If that does not correct the problem, you may try SMC and PRAM resets:
(This is a guess on my part.  No harm can come to the MBP performing these resets.)
The last option is a reinstall of the OSX.
May I assume that the overall amount of data is correct?  If not, then we will have to look at OmniDiskSweeper and Grand Perspective.
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