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Hi All,
I currently have a guest access WLAN setup on our WLC / WCS using the internal webauth functionality.
I would like to set this up to use External webauth (we need an external server to host ~16 different custom pages which are all branded etc) and I have found lots of information about the overall process and how to configure the controller for external webauth but I cannot seem to find any information on actually building the external web pages.
I need to know what URL the WLC forwards onto the external server, what format the reply needs to be to the WLC and ideally I would like to find a basic example external webpage that I could begin to use for testing. I have been trawling google and cisco.com but seem to find very little information on this part of the config.
Does anyone have any pointers or example external webauth pages they could share?
Many thanks,
Thanks Scott. Unfortunately I am looking into this remotely at the moment so I cannot browse to the current internal page to view the source. I have tried downloading the custom webauth template but we currently only have smartnet contracts on a number of 2504 controllers and these do not seem to have the templates available for download from CCO.
This current trial is being carried out on a 4402 controller but we do not have a smartnet contract on this to get access to the templates through CCO. Is it not possible to download a template from the controller through the web interface? (i haven't been able to find anything so far)
I am surprised at the little amount of information I have been able to find about this on the web.
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