Won't eject disc- drive no longer recognized by system- 1-week old iMac!

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Tried to burn something in Toast- I put in a blank DVD, and all **** breaks loose...
As long as the machine is powered up, I hear this slow "chugging" of the Superdrive, about a 4-second cycle, and in System Profiler, this is what I see:
"No burning device was found. If you are using an external device please make sure that it is connected and powered properly."
Tried to eject the disk by holding down the mouse at startup- no dice. OK, how do I eject a disc when the drive "doesn't exist", according to the system?
I don't want to reboot more than needed because I'm getting white screens and other joys when I try to do that...
Please help! It's a long drive to the nearest Apple Store...
Well, a call to Apple seems to have fixed the problem;this was the sequence:
1) shut down
2) unplug everything but keyboard and mouse (I only had a wireless keyboard handy)
3) restart, holding down P-R-Option- Cmd (Apple key)- AKA zapping or resetting the PRAM
4) keep holding down the keys, wait for 4 startup "chimes"- I only got 2 before it completed booting despite my holding down the keys
5) all seemed OK at this point; the drive would inject/read/eject a commercially made disc, as well as a blank disc
6) shut down the machine again, unplugged the mouse and the power cable (had I used a wired keyboard, this too), and waited what seemed to be about 3 minutes; this was resetting the System Management Controller
7) plug the power cable an mouse back in, restart normally
Now I have to see just what device(s) might have contributed to the problem... I had a USB drive, a Firewire drive, and an older powered hub with which I attach my printer, EyeTV 250, a mouse, and occasionally, my iPods (shuffle & video) or thumb drives.
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