Wrong calculation of tax

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The total tax is coming wrong and same is reflected in the pricing.Infact the calculation is proper but the total tax the system is picking is wrong.The system is calculating extra 100 rs.I dont know from where it is picking this 100 rs extra.Infact total tax=excise duties-discount.The system is calculating properly but the total tax is reflected wrongly in pricing procedure.This problem has to be addressed immediately.Can anybody help me out.
subhash kulkarni
dear indranil
Suppose my base value is 100 rs .total excise duties(BEDAED) - discount on taxes = total PO taxes. for e.g  500 rs (total excise duties base value)) - 100 (discount on taxes) = 400 rs (Taxes on PO). The system is calculating properly the calculation but on the header level the system is adding extra 100 rs for all tax codes i.e Net = 100 rs and Tax = 500 rs instead of 400 rs(Taxes on PO) and same amount is reflected in pricing for JEXS (Total PO value) = 500 rs instead of 400 rs which is wrong.The value of JEXS (Total PO value) must be 400 rs. I hope u get me what i m trying to explain.
subhash kulkarni
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