X79A-GD65(8D) V4.7

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Would it be possible to have provided BIOS V4.7 to use with the forum's USB flash method? Thanks!
Interesting situation to report. Both Chips A and B succesfully updated to V4.6 along with it updating to the new ME FW using the forum USB flash method and xmad's zip archive file. When flashing the V4.7 rar, following the same procedure as for V4.6 on the B chip, the ME FW did not update and shows ME N/A in the System Information menu. That seems rather odd. After full CMOS clear and reset, it still was reading ME N/A, but it was still capable of booting the OS. So, I re-flashed V4.6 again and the ME FW was restored. Have any idea what the problem with V4.7 or the ME FW might be?
I only work with 1 chip at a time to make sure all is well 'before' attempting one of the other chips. Will stay working with chip B since chip A is currently working perfectly on V4.6. The change log improvements in V4.7 was the reason for the flash. No moron flasher to be flashing just to be flashing here. 
Indeed reactivation of Windows is required... I was surprised when I've flashed mine for the first time. Annoying crap.
M$ only gives you so many re-activations before you have to buy another key. If you have to do it every BIOS flash, that becomes 'more' than annoying!
Added: Additional information; Photoshop, video creation and editing  machine, 32GB (4X8GB single kit) Corsair RAM, 3960X C1, GTX 680's in SLI, no OC's initiated, all stock/auto/default when doing any flashing.
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